The Workers

The Workers

From left to right;

Arthur, Rascal, Riley, Swallow, Scally and Dotty.

A few trophies have adorned our sideboard from Riley and Dotty, our field trial dogs, together with a certificate or two. They only have two speeds- flat out and stop.

Arthur and Swallow are coming on nicely and will be out counting and competing in 2018 for the first time. We have high hopes.

Rascal and Scally are wonderful companions for a day on the moor and into their 3rd season of counting grouse. Scally also, unusually for an English setter, takes a turn at picking up on the moor. Her scenting ability and urge to please make her a pleasure to be with.

All of them like to go to bed mucky, and miraculously get up clean, meaning their beds take the brunt of the discarded heather and mud.