‘The Swallow’ Bed Box

‘The Swallow’ Bed Box

Measuring 1 m x 60 cm x 20 cm, 'The Swallow' Bed Box is chew proof and scratch resistant.

Made from a sturdy aluminium framing with washable PVC inserts and Phenolic plywood base, this bed box is lightweight and extremely easy to clean.

Available in various colours and options for personalised logos to be added at an extra cost.

Includes delivery to Mainland UK.

Please contact us for more information, custom sizes or to place an order.


Product Options
 Avocado Green
 Dark Plum
 Fuchsia Pink
 Grape Green
 Key Lime Green
 Lagoon Blue
 Light Plum
 Lime Green
 Liquorice Black
 Scarlet Red
 Storm Grey
 Tangerine Orange
 Taxi Cab Yellow
 Terracotta Orange
 Turquoise Green
 White Gloss
 White Satin


Price: £265.00

(incl. Shipping)

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